Fire Escape Plan Winners

Each year during Fire Prevention Month, the first and second graders of Minooka Elementary and Aux Sable Schools participate in our E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills In The Home) Fire Escape Plan contest.  The first place winners come to the fire house to have breakfast, then ride to school in style in one of our fire engines. The winner’s class receives a pizza party.  Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Minooka Elementary School (1st grade)
1st place     Austin E.  (Mrs. Weimer)
2nd place   Gavin M.  (Ms. Caragol)
3rd place    Lexi S.     (Ms. Hoessler)
Honorable Mention  Kollen W.   (Ms. Caragol)
Honorable Mention  Mia B.   (Ms. Caragol)

Minooka Elementary School (2nd grade)
1st place    Jane K.   (Mrs. Skowronski)
2nd place   Carter R.  (Ms. Mason)
3rd place   Logan D.   (Mrs. Valladolid)
Honorable Mention   Reese R.   (Ms. Mason)
Honorable Mention   Bennett R.   (Mrs. Valladolid)

Aux Sable School  (1st grade)
1st place    Kennedy T.   (Ms. Schluntz)
2nd place   Belle S.   (Mrs. Swanson)
3rd place   Kam P.   (Ms. Schluntz)
Honorable Mention   Gabby R.   (Mrs. Swanson)
Honorable Mention   Olivia G.   (Mrs. Schwark)
Aux Sable School  (2nd grade)
1st place   Ryann O.   (Ms. Dziedzinskij)
2nd place  Zoe F.    (Mrs. Hwang)
3rd place   Aidan E.   (Mrs. Strein)
Honorable Mention   Madison C.   (Mrs. Lara)
Honorable Mention   Jessica B.   (Mrs. Strein)

Austin E.
1st Grade
Minooka Elementary

Jane K.
2nd Grade
Minooka Elementary

Kennedy T.
1st Grade
Aux Sable

Ryann O.
2nd Grade
Aux Sable

Minooka Fire Badge

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